The transformative potential of Science Shops

Science shops are a specific form of public participation in scientific research. Thinking of the future development of our field, we invite you to help us taking stock of the transformative ambitions, potentials and impacts of science shops.

We invite you to take part in a critical ideation flow - for 9 weeks. Every third week we pose a new ideation question on the be-novative platform and invite you to join the anonymous, digital ideations.

Additionally we organise lunchtime webinars to support & inspire your ideation on:

1. What are the values of a Science Shop in the society? (Happened at 13th of April)

---> Check out the 6 minutes long webinar recap video! <---

2. What are the most inspiring examples you know of community engagement? ( Happened at 24th of April!)

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3. What do you expect from a science shop? (9th of May)

Which structures, processes and relationships support the dream?

Be-novative in a nutshell video
What you can do on the platform?

Innovation challenges

Every ideation starts with a question; we call them challenges. You can invite your peers to gather ideas for these challenges, then evaluate them in a democratic process.Currently we are looking for ideas in 3 hot topics:

- Values

- Best practises

- Expectations

Anonymous, gamified ideation

Do you want to share your ideas in an easy and motivating process, without meeting face-to-face? With Be-novative, you can do so in an interactive virtual room with your peers where built-in creativity enhancing techniques helps you come up with inspiring ideas in only 15 minutes. The whole process is facilitated by the software and made anonymous so that you can surface the most interesting ideas in a safe and enjoyable environment

Democratic community evaluation

How do you decide which ideas your team should allocate time and resources for? Be-novative gives you an opportunity to anonymously evaluate each other's ideas based on impact and feasibility. Thanks to a unique algorithm, this phase only takes up 5 to 8 minutes so that all ideas are ranked democratically and efficiently.

Manage projects

So you found impactful and feasible solutions you want to actually use—how should you follow up with them for implementation? Put together a team through the platform and use the ideas you like to create tangible concepts. A built-in project board will assist you in tracking idea concepts until they are finally implemented

Prizes for participation


Idea owners of the most inspiring ideas will win exposure for a publication supported by Inspires&ESSRG.


Best ideators are invited to participate at LK8 conference for FREE.


The most feasible and selected ideas will be invited by InSPIRES to work on their solutions.

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The next lunchtime webinar will be hold on:

What are the most inspiring examples you know of community engagement?


9th of May (Wednesday) 3pm - CET

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Note: Join Now or Later for the webinar - you will have the same experience thanks to the automatized ideation system.

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If you have any questions, reach out directly Bálint Balázs from ESSRG ( or Henrik Pap Be-novative’s Customer Success Specialist (  or ask — we are happy to help!