Silicon Valley methods disrupt traditional innovation management

Integral x Be-novative presents

A 3-part webinar series looking over common innovation barriers organizations face with Design Thinking and Collective Creativity solutions. Join us and let's connect through conversation.

Webinar 1 | Click here for the recap | The road to everyday innovation | How to create a clear strategy, harness the collective genius, and make innovation become a part of your everyday culture.

Webinar 2 | Click here for the recap | Engage your team for innovation w/ design thinking | How to ensure an environment where your members are creatively inspired and motivated to contribute.

Webinar 3 | June 25th, 2018 @ 7PM CET | Silicon Valley methods disrupt traditional innovation management

Hosted by:



Jason Grant, CEO and Founder of Integral, which helps people and companies through Design, Business and Systems Thinking coaching.




Priszcilla Várnagy, CEO and Founder of Be-novative, which with its digital innovation platform motivates groups of people to creatively solve challenges. 


Join us in discussion as the series will go over:

  • Common innovation barriers organizations face
  • Recommended Design Thinking and Collective Creativity actions
  • Real company use cases on how different teams leverage innovation

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