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The future Collective Creativity brings for enterprises [free ebook]

We are at the doorstep of a new innovation era, one that is fundamentally different in the quantity and quality of breakthroughs it can bring. Several trends are forcing a break from the traditional, internal, and lengthy R&D approach, setting the dynamics of today’s Age of Innovation. Despite the fact that more than 60% of major enterprises have a dedicated innovation executive, practitioners face their challenges with organizational setup, culture, mindset, industry and various other factors. A recent report names the top challenges chosen by corporate innovation...

How GE crowdsourced 23 breakthroughs in two weeks

GE Healthcare had a recurring practice of involving their staff to brainstorm new product ideas during their annual Innovation Week but was struggling with the quality of their projects. Participants arrived at their usual dedicated hackathon with seed ideas from teams already formed. However, most of the ideas seemed to be too broad or generic. Leadership desired for quality prototypes. Goals were eventually met (and exceedingly so) after their crowdsourcing effort where they achieved:   Ideation to greenlighted projects in two weeks 23 patentable solutions 1050% Y0Y growth of...

How Allianz supercharged HR improvements with innovation

The subsidiary of Allianz Group revealed areas for improvement in their employee satisfaction survey. HR identified two areas pointed out by their members: the need for internal process improvement for more efficiency and the want for more opportunities to grow professionally as an organization. As Be-novative has been a partner with Allianz, we sought out to receive both deep and actionable steps for positive changes. And great outcomes were achieved:   390 early stage ideas in one day AND Employee-led consensus to implementable actions   Here is what happened. To find...

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