Will for the Web – How it works

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We are inviting you to co-creation sessions

The micro-communities that you are invited to join will be globally distributed ‐ not tied to any shared geography - but will be synergistic in the causes that matter to them. They will generate and collaborate on actionable ideas to fight for the internet and get funding to ​​execute on one of the ideas or assets created.

Join a digital design sprint for the month of October, November and December to share ideas and find like-minded people to collaborate with to advocate for and build a better future on the internet for the communities that we serve, ending the digital divide and creating more social impact.

The digital co-creation process

First, register to one of the following tracks on the Be-novative platform:

*You can participate in multiple themes, but you must register for each theme separately.

Engage with the challenge questions in your chosen track/s at your own pace and time. Each week, a new challenge question will be published for you to engage with:

  • Week 1: Join the 1st challenge question (approx 10 mins)
  • Week 2: Join the 2nd challenge question (approx 10 mins)
  • Week 3: Join the 3rd challenge question (approx 10 mins)
  • Week 4: Join the 4th challenge question (approx 10 mins)

Based on the community engagement and overlap of the ideas, micro-communities will be formed, with participants invited to collaborate to build solutions in facilitated, live workshop sessions:

  • 1.5h Workshops for each theme

Experts will review the solutions and invite micro-communities to present their ideas for a chance to receive support and funding

  • Demo Day & Award Ceremony. Concept owners from each workshops will be invited to present.

The digital design sprint in a nutshell:

Innovation Challenges

Micro-communities co-design solutions in different challenges. Every challenge starts with a question. You can join other civil society members to gather ideas for these challenges, then evaluate them in a democratic process. We will have 4 weekly challenges and 2 live workshops to build on the ideas.

Anonymous, gamified ideation

You can share your ideas any time when the challenge is open in an interactive virtual ideation room where built-in creativity enhancing techniques helps you come up with inspiring ideas in only 10 minutes. We support you to surface the most impactful ideas while enjoying the process.

Democratic community evaluation

How do you decide which ideas to allocate time and resources for? In the design sprint, you can evaluate each other's ideas based on impact and feasibility. Thanks to a unique algorithm, this phase only takes 5-8 minutes until all ideas are ranked. Then, we build synergies.

Idea Concepts - Co-designed solutions

Add suggestions and plan actions items on canvases for the most impactful and feasible early-stage ideas. Find like-minded people – get to know team members who are the most engaged, proactive and execution-focused people from your community.


Within 30 minutes you can get tangible, documented results, which you can be further processed.


We don't let your ideas without recognition, so all the participants will have the chance to win. Selected ideas will be rewarded with micro-grants and have support throughout the implementation. In addition what you gain by participating:

  • reward
    Get recognized globally
  • reward
    Find the best partners around the globe
  • reward
    Make your initiative real with Connect Humanity support

Are you ready?

Registration only takes a minute.

Choose your track at:


  • 2000 Non-profits
  • 13 Challenges
  • 3 Workshops

Any questions?

If you have any questions, reach out directly to Connect Humanity team, Sarah Brown-Campello or Priszcilla Garami-Várnagy, Be-novative, or hit us on Intercom on the platform's bottom right corner – we are happy to help!

FAQ: https://www.be-novative.com/support

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